Fixed appliances

If we want to adjust a tooth with pinpoint precision then we need a fixed appliance.

Fixed appliances have three components: the braces, the bands and the arches.

The braces can be made out of metal such as steel, titanium or gold. Braces can also be made of synthetic materials or ceramics to match the colour of the teeth. Such braces are very inconspicuous and therefore aesthetically very pleasing.

   Feste Zahnspange - Vergleich von Keramik und MetallPicture show you the difference between Metall and Ceramic Brackets

   Feste Zahnspange - Kombination aus Keramik und LingualtechnikInvovation-C

Fixed lingual appliance

But the position of this invisible appliance is its one drawback: it shares space with the tongue. But getting accustomed to these braces in the tongue’s space is only a matter of patience and time. Count on three weeks, maybe more.

Feste Zahnspange - LingualtechnikHere you can seen the Fixed lingual Appliance

Lingualtechnik - innenliegende Zahnspangefixed lingual applaince during smiling

Lingualtechnik - kaum sichtbare Zahnspangefixed lingual applaince during laughing

Protection of the teeth carrying braces

The enamel of the teeth can be protected and strengthened with a special sealant containing fluoride. This is applied on request to help prevent any possible decalcification of the teeth during therapy.