Fernroentgenseitenbild - fuer die Auswahl der optimalen Behandlungsmethoden beim Kieferorthopaeden in Bonn

Methods of treatment

As the saying goes: „Many roads lead to Rome!“

For us orthodontists that means we have several methods of treatment we can choose from which all lead to the same result. In the modern orthodontic treatment we make a thorough examination of the teeth and jaws based on panoramic and cephalometric x-rays and casts of the teeth. Then we consider the possible methods. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each possible method we can finally make a choice of method which is compatible with both the treatment’s and the patient’s requirements.

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Digital Radiography

In our practice we bring dental diagnostic X-ray imaging to a higher level with the use of a digital Kodak pan/ceph machine. We are excited to share the benefits of digital radiology with our patients. The digital radiography reduces patient’s exposure to radiation. In addition, digital X-rays facilitate communication with patients as well as other colleagues. The digital images are immediately available to view. One of the most useful advantages is that we can send the digital image to other doctors in a few minutes via internet.