Problems with the removable appliance

Don’t wait until the next appointment – just phone us and we’ll give you a new appointment. This is important because an appliance you don’t wear over a longer period has to be replaced.
The same applies: Don’t wait! Get a new appointment so that the appliance can be repaired as soon as possible.
Don’t loose precious time. Please get in touch with us otherwise the teeth will start slipping again.

Problems with the fixed appliance

When the fixed appliance has just been mounted on the teeth they will be sensitive to the new appliance and to the pressure it applies. For a while chewing solid food may cause discomfort. But this discomfort should disappear after a few days.

Therefore we recommend eating soft food in the first days, things like noodles or boiled potatoes. Should the discomfort continue for more than three days, please contact us.

Please don’t tamper with it – just leave it as is. Call us up immediately for a new appointment.
Carefully remove the bracket or band and keep it. Then phone us for a new appointment and bring the piece with you.
Try to push the arch back into the bracket as best you can with a tweezer. Phone us for a new appointment.
Try your best to carefully bend the arch toward the teeth. If that doesn’t work, use some of the wax we have given you. Give us a call immediately so we can help.
Often you can wait till the next appointment. The appliance can be repaired at the next appointment.
We recommend applying a healing dressing. We will gladly give you the prescriptions!